PeopleSoft Deployment Kits (DPK)

Understanding DPKs made super easy

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PeopleSoft Deployment Packages or DPKs are probably the best new PeopleSoft feature in the recent years and are revolutionizing the process of installation, upgrade and maintenance of PeopleSoft applications.

PeopleSoft Deployment Packages cut down the repetitive tasks, provide consistent methods and processes, decrease the need for human intervention and enable automation -- thereby making you more efficient and productive!

With PeopleTools 8.57, DPKs have become the primary and preferred methods of installation, upgrade and maintenance of many PeopleSoft products and older method of using Virtual CDs (VCD) is no longer available.

In this webinar , you'll learn:

  • What is DPK?
  • Difference between Old Model and New Model
  • What is Puppet?
  • What is Hiera?
  • Making Sense of different DPK types
  • Classification of DPK